Saturday, November 13, 2010

Which ones do you like?

These are some of my prospective portfolio drawings. So tell me, stranger. Which ones do you think are the strongest? I realize I am in desperate need of more animal drawings and landscapes. Working on that. :) Have a splendiferous day.
This one was drawn with mascara. Kinda fun.

This lady had an odd minotaur head thing on. I kinda skipped drawing that...

I should prolly pick just one between this one and the next one. except they kinda tell a story together so maybe I should have both? Idk tell me what you think.

Collage life drawing yay...

Another CSSSA one. I like it and can like never get male models so sorry if it bugs you that this drawing's a little on the old side.


  1. I really like the one drawn with cool! Your women drawings are cool, and I think the sketchbook page of your cat is very cute! ^^

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  3. They are great... I love the mascara one and the rest are also amazing!