Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Artist's Statement

So here it is. The painful artist's statement. (I felt i needed to put something up here after almost two months of utter blankness.)
            Unexamined, my interests seem disconnected and ephemeral. Which is just not true! I’ve seriously considered several careers, but they have all had the same underlying motivation. In my freshman year, I was going to be a ballerina. Nothing else could compare to dancing and putting on a show for people. In sophomore year I was dead set on becoming a French teacher. I studied the language so much that I went straight into French 3 from French 1. Junior year, I discovered animation. It was then that I realized that what I enjoyed about all of these things was telling stories. Animation is everything I have ever wanted to do, without the limits of gravity or grammar. Ballet is wonderful because it tells a beautiful story in five acts of music and movement. French is fascinating to me because I love hearing something that sounds nothing like English, yet understanding and even responding in this gossamer tongue. Animation, I’ve come to see, is the pinnacle of storytelling: acting without stage fright, language beyond imagination, and pure communication at 24 frames per second.
             Cal Arts is my top choice for an art education for several reasons.  I really admire the work I see from the students on the institute’s website, and being around such creative people would keep me inspired to expand my horizons. I also really like the requirement of each student to create a film every year. I believe this gives students more opportunities to experiment and practice creating every aspect of an animated film. I love how integrated all the departments are at Cal Arts. I get inspired by and participate in many different art forms, and I love how everything is mixed together at Cal Arts. When I attended CSSSA this past summer, everything about the institute felt perfect for me. I see Cal Arts as an ideal place for me to prepare for my career in animation.
            My artistic goal is taking over the world, actually. Phase I of my plans for global domination consists of exploring the possibilities of different media and learning how to create something that will thrill people. This was something I really liked at CSSSA, and would love to continue to study. Different techniques like sand animation, cut-outs, puppets, and claymation intrigued me because films made in these techniques are so far from reality but still tell stories and create lovable characters. Phase II involves keeping animation alive by learning traditional techniques and continuing to innovate as I move forward in my career. Animation has great potential because it makes the impossible perfectly acceptable. In my humble opinion, animated films use only a few of the many great forms of animation I see in artistic communities. Anything that is unable to change will eventually be unable to survive, and I never want that to happen to animation. I want to be the one who is trying something new every day and pushing the limits of “impossible.” Phase III is, no matter what I exactly end up doing in life, people loving the stories I love to give them. Whether its their favorite animated cartoon from childhood, a quirky music video they found on the internet one day, or simply a funny commercial they laughed at with their families during the Super Bowl last year. Ultimately, if people remember something I have made in fondness, I’ll be the queen of my world.

Also, this is a draft. I may update it tomorrow or the next day if i find some flagrant error. If it's minor, you get to deal with it :).
Let me know what you think! Have a great new year btw!


  1. This a great writing piece!
    This sentence is akward: Phase III is, no matter what I exactly end up doing in life, people loving the stories I love to give them.

    other than that though, its beautifully written, and it reflects you so well! I like how you combined french and ballet in here... it shows your wider range of skills and influences on your life.

    Your gonna do great! Love you!

  2. thanks guys!
    yeah i think i changed that sentence... idr what to though, lol...